ADAPTOVATE are a proud member of the Pledge 1% community.


MAY 5TH 2020

In April 2020, ADAPTOVATE continued our commitment to Pledge1% and worked with the GOMO Foundation.  Gomo Foundation provides education opportunities for young women in Africa with potential, so they can drive change in their developing communities. They are proud to be working towards welcoming 50 young women into education by 2020.

First Workshop:

One of the challenges they face as a not for profit staffed entirely by volunteers is being able to make a big difference in as short a time as possible, and knowing where to focus their efforts to achieve this. Last week we ran a workshop with the new leadership team to collaborate and align on their top objectives, and the key results they will measure their progress for each objective.

Second Workshop:

The second workshop in April centered around prioritising and building a roadmap to help the team deliver using a virtual agile PMO. With Gomo being staffed entirely by volunteers they need to manage their program virtually so keeping everyone is aligned and working on and completing the most important items first. A virtual agile PMO also ensures the team are all working with the same up to date information. Setting up a virtual agile PMO will help keep the team of volunteers aligned and focused.

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