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Agile has gone from quirky & outlandish to being THE lifeline.

“Agile has gone from quirky and outlandish through to being the very lifeline keeping projects delivering in these changing times,” said one of our team recently.  We’ve all seen them.  The memes of overused business words used during COVID.  Pivot. Transition. Agile. Uncertainty.  And it’s getting annoying, mainly because they’re all relevant.   Annoying for companies like ADAPTOVATE, who for years have…Continue readingAgile has gone from quirky & outlandish to being THE lifeline.

Agile Business Design

Using agile to navigate from crisis to sustained success  

Authored by Evan Jago, Principal, ADAPTOVATE COVID-19 has disrupted business to its core.     As the situation has rapidly evolved, it has created an unpredictable and volatile environment for business to operate in. Companies are facing unprecedented challenges having to adapt business models, product and service offerings, and, ways of working quickly in order to survive.   In a high-stakes, fluid and dynamic situation, how do you chart a course to turnaround a business or project? Traditional approaches of command and control,…Continue readingUsing agile to navigate from crisis to sustained success