Agile Program Delivery


Research shows that waterfall-based program that do not deliver measurable business value every three months, significantly increase the risk of program failure. The lack of visibility on the final product, no available product increments and changing customer requirements over time are typical waterfall risks that can be avoided in an Agile environment. ​

At ADAPTOVATE, we help organisations business deliver value quickly on a regular cadence with reduced risk through embedding sustainable change and using an iterative test and learn approach. Our support covers all aspect of portfolio and program delivery from establishing an agile PMO, agile governance and agile risk and dependency management​.

Agile program management delivers large complex programs with reduced risk and faster realisation of value. ADAPTOVATE delivers agile PMOs – the next generation of PMO. Our agile approach to delivering complex programs results in improved productivity, increased visibility to customers and stakeholders and empowered teams. We help leaders to make data based program-level decisions on performance, priorities and resources​ with increased transparency​

Agile governance provides the key components of good governance – transparency, accountability, responsiveness, effective and efficient. Our approach to agile governance ensures quarterly delivery by programs of tangible business value, closely coupled to the strategy. We ensure teams have the guardrails needed to enable autonomy to innovate and improve ways of working while delivering program business outcomes in a compliant way​

Agile risk and dependency management​
Agile risk and dependency management expedites decision making, issue resolution and creates consistency and interoperability between programs, which allows the delivery of value early and regularly. Our approach focusses on increasing transparency to help speed up decision making. We establish cross functional forums to manage risk and resolve issues quickly​

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