Agile Platform Execution

Optimising your returns on innovation through Agile Program Management and Agile Platform Execution

Research case studies show that waterfall-based program management increases the risk of program failure significantly. The lack of visibility on the final product, no available product increments and changing customer requirements  over time  are typical waterfall risks that can be avoided in an Agile environment. Embedded and executed correctly, Agile does reduce the risk to deliver an unfit product to customers, whilst improving time to market and returns on investment.

At ADAPTOVATE, we help organisations converting their Project or Program Management from waterfall to Agile through embedding sustainable change and using an iterative test and learn approach, supported by Agile platforms and tooling.

Our Agile Program Management capability helps clients with transitioning to the Agile Program structure and adopting the Agile delivery approach. Our support can range from Agile planning and program governance to introducing agile processes and the required people skills.

Our Agile platform execution capability helps clients with adopting agile platforms that enable a new way of working across Business and Technology areas. We configure and deploy Agile technology platforms, with the objective to create an integrated platform for our clients that fully realises cloud, AI and SaaS benfits.

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