Agile Coaching

Scaling your Agile Transformation

Many organisations find themselves caught in dated, no longer effective, ways of working. This makes the process of adapting to rapid market changes or exploring new operating model avenues slow and complex.

At ADAPTOVATE, we help organisations to transform to new ways of working through adopting Agile approaches. We work alongside our clients to guide and support them in scaling Agile effectively so that they can be successful in servicing increasingly sophisticated client demands.

Our Agile at Scale services focus on supporting our clients through implementing and scaling Agile transformation programs that often span across the organisation. We make an impact by conducting discovery workshops, offering tailored training and coaching programs and deploying a test & learn approach that adds value to  client businesses with each iteration.

While Agile is often related to software development, at ADAPTOVATE we realise that its principles are applicable across the organisational value chain and can create substantial benefits in non-Technology areas. Our case experience  goes beyond Agile in software development and includes functional areas such as Agile Marketing, Agile Risk & Compliance and Corporate Services.

Transforming to an Agile operating model is hard! To set our clients up for success in their journey to Agility, we collaborate with them to build capabilities through a mixed train, coach and embed approach, enabling talent to grow alongside their business.

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