Adaptovate focuses on delivering transformation and innovation services that help companies navigate in the era of fast paced disruptors that compete in the economy of now


We believe that in order to win in the more and more challenging environment of start-ups, technology leaps and ever-changing customer demands, companies need to transform to be able to continuously adapt and innovate. The game is not anymore about a single idea to disrupt your company’s business model, but it is about ways to systematically change the way of working and delivering products and services to customers.

It is not the strongest species that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the ones most responsive to change
— Charles Darwin

The Adaptovate model is based on an end-to-end approach to design, implementation and assurance of your company’s transformation programs, while at the same time embedding agility and innovation practices. This includes the set-up and running of tailored start-up accelerators, innovation labs and boot camps that will support your transformation and will help your company win in tomorrow's market.  To achieve this we rely on our network of professionals that have a proven track record across large and complex transformations across multiple industries as well as a network of agile experts, entrepreneurs and start-ups.



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Doug Ross builds businesses with strategies that drive revenue growth and profitability. He has demonstrated success in fixing failed business models and transformation programs to deliver the required business outcome. Douglas targets the digital customer experience, re-motivation of workforces, with the speed and agility of cloud based technology. The combination delivers the step change required for large corporations to continue to compete and not be disrupted. Douglas has worked for Boston Consulting Group and Accenture as well as line management roles in JP Morgan, and interim management roles in News Ltd, icare and Macquarie Bank.

Email:         Tel. +61 (0)414 237 389


Alex Rebkowski designs and executes transformations that deliver long lasting business outcomes. He is a strategic thinker, who began his career as a strategy consultant and over time worked his way into transformation execution. He constantly works on the brink of business and technology and helps match commercial problems with innovative solutions that impact companies' bottom line. He spent most of his career in various global functions for ING Bank, including working for ING Direct in Sydney. His experience includes design of best practice transformation programs, definition of innovative ways to deliver lasting change as well as leveraging the power of various networks to deliver breakthrough products and services. 

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Paul McNamara has a passion for helping companies better deal with the increasing complexity and pace of innovation required to succeed in today's world. Paul has spent 17 years working in and with Agile teams as a developer, Product Manager, scrum master, Product Owner, Head of Product and Executive. He has run software development, IT, marketing, sales and business teams using agile principles and values. He was previously COO at Simple, a leading Agile Marketing SaaS platform. While at The Boston Consulting Group he led the Agile transformation practice in Asia Pacific working with some of the region's largest organisations to transform their ways of working. He has led many cultural and organisational change programs inspired by Agile principles. He has a proven history of driving innovation with 11 US patents granted to date. 

Email:       Tel. +61 (0)413 491 694

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Through our highly talented people, we help our clients adapt and innovate quickly and successfully. If you are passionate about problem solving and innovation, have a huge appetite to learn, are resilient to possible setbacks and challenges, and live the ADAPTOVATE values, we would love to hear from you. Email to: